Darmowe warsztaty online EIPA

European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) zaprasza do udziału w darmowych warsztatach online poświęconych prognozowaniu i zarządzaniu kryzysowemu. Warsztaty są organizowane we współpracy z Dyrekcją Generalną ds. Wspierania Reform Strukturalnych Komisji Europejskiej (DG REFORM), w kontekście Europejskiej Nagrody Sektora Publicznego (EPSA).

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  1. 8 September 2022 – Working with complexity

The increasing complexity of policies requires governments and administrations to adapt and to find new and innovative solutions. In this workshop, we discuss how policy makers and administrations can cope with complexity, and how the challenge of increasing complexity can be seen as providing opportunities for innovation. Learn more and register here.

  1. 16 September 2022 – Crisis management: preparedness and response

Recent health crisis and natural disasters have highlighted the urgent need for effective crisis management to increase preparedness and capabilities for response. In this workshop, we will present EU policies and initiatives, and discuss opportunities and challenges of transboundary crisis management. Learn more and register here.

  1. 22 September 2022 – Strategic Foresight

To anticipate the future is of utmost importance for governments to being able to adapt and prepare for change. In this workshop, we will present various EU initiatives and tools to integrate strategic foresight in policy making, and we will discuss the importance of administrative capacities for system resilience and preparedness. Learn more and register here.

  1. 6 October 2022 – Shaping a sustainable green culture inside Public Administration – Ever thought of a “green (HR) management” to support leadership?

Together with top-notch experts, we will discuss new forms of management and collaboration (managers as role models), the underlying green skills, values and attitudes, as well as appropriate change management that is needed to help administrations to develop in an environmentally sustainable way. Green human resources management (GHRM) as part of sustainable human resources management offers the necessary options for action. During this event, we want to explore the following and other questions that are relevant for success:

  • Why is green HR management so important for the ecological transformation process?
  • How can sustainable and green HR management be distinguished from each other?
  • What is the new role of HR management?
  • How are the tasks changing?
  • How do you optimise performance?
  • Why do diversity and gender mainstreaming matter?
  • How are leadership and collaboration changing?
  • Why is green HR management also important for business development and the support of managers on all levels?

Learn more and register here.