The training of students

With its subordination directly to the Prime Minister of the day, KSAP is Poland’s sole governmental centre for the further training of officials. A Diploma awarded by the School attests to the highest competences having been acquired, and guarantees nomination to the status of Official in the Civil Service Corps.

MISSION: to train leaders for the Civil Service

The core training mission of KSAP revolves around a cadre of professional, non-partisan officials serving the state, as they do so taking care of the public good and being well-prepared for work nationally, at EU level, or internationally.

Our programme to raise administrative and managerial competences is an entirely unique one. In form and content it is updated steadily, to allow the challenges standing before civil servants to be faced effectively.

KSAP ensures access to up-to-date knowledge, as conveyed via workshops, seminars, projects, study visits and strategic game-playing. Theory and practice are thus combined in an ideal way.

The training programme at KSAP takes account of the real needs and expectations of public administration – possible thanks to a staff of lecturers that include academics, practitioners, and actual officials in public administration (often graduates of KSAP), who have a full and effective grasp of the needs of future employees.

KSAP trains its internal students by way of:

The Decision as to which form of training shall apply to successive classes of KSAP students is as taken and issued every year by the Prime Minister.