Intramural Training

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Intramural students are the future qualified officials who will be efficient at drafting and implementing state policies, at the same time showing management and leadership potential.

The School implements a curriculum of an interdisciplinary character, which prepares students to serve as experts, managers and directors in public administration.

The lecturers at KSAP are not only outstanding academics, but also experienced specialists and practitioners, who have achieved many suc­cesses in their work.

The curriculum

Our curriculum is applicational, interdisciplinary and open, al­lowing for modification and augmentation in response to the current challenges and requirements of administration.

Training at the School lasts from 18 to 20 months, during which time the students gain both appropriate specialist knowledge and practical skills necessary for effective and reliable work in the Civil Service.

In the course of students’ training, a great deal of attention is paid to shaping attitudes and personal competencies consistent with the major principles governing any Civil Service.

Classes are conducted by carefully selected teaching staff, including both academics and practitioners, not least high-ranking officials of the central administration and graduates of KSAP.

Training programme is centred arround the following main objectives:

  • Law and administration
  • Economics and public finance
  • The European Union and foreign policy
  • Management and building of attitudes and personal competencies.