Types of training courses

types of training courses: open training courses, dedicated training courses, central training, training courses of longer duration, language courses, e-learning

Open training courses

  • 140+ courses available to all civil servants, but also those beyond administration.

Dedicated training courses (including grant-aided courses)

  • Tailored to the needs of partners commissioning training for their staff.

Central Training

  • in establishing programmes of training, the Head of the Civil Service cooperates with KSAP in particular (under the Civil Service Act)
  • KSAP may be commissioned by the Head of the Civil Service to run courses within the Central Training framework.

Training Courses of longer duration

  • More comprehensive or in-depth training in a specific thematic scope. Lasting from a few to several days.

Academy of Project Management in Public Administration

The Academy is a coherent system of various training courses and consists of the following levels Coherent system of different trainings:

  • Basic level – intended for anyone interested in the basics of management projects in administration. Free e-learning is available as part of the course. (e-learning I)
  • Level 1 – project team member – training for project leaders and members of project teams. It consists of 24-hour training and access to the second part of e-learning and video. (e-learning II + video + training 24 h)
  • Level  2 – project leader –  a 5-day training for project leaders. It covers key issues and tools used in project management. (training 40 h)
  • Level 3 – programme manager – the integrated management of multiple projects in administration - Training for Program Managers, allows you to understand how project management differs from program management. (training 33,5 h)
  • Level 4 - portfolio manager – (in preparation)
  • MASTER CLASS - specialized trainings improving specific practical skills.

Language courses

  • provided for in the open training offer,
  • available to all civil servants, but also those beyond administration,
  • the courses taught at all levels in English, French, German, Russian, Arabic and Spanish.