The School Council

Widok z okna na dziedziniec KSAP i powiewające flagi

The Council of KSAP is an applicant, advisory and reviewing authority.

Roles of the Council

It supports the implementation of KSAP's mission in the field of development and the lines of action for the School, additionally overseeing the compliance of the programme with the re­quirements of, and the challenges facing, public administration in Poland.

The Council is empowered:

  • to review and issue opinions on the directions of action followed by KSAP, the general rules of recruitment, the training process, as well as the func­tioning of the School and its effectiveness;
  • to recommend changes and present proposals in the areas referred to above;
  • to specify its own organization and rules of procedure.

Composition of the Council

The Council comprises of:

  • Minister for public admin­istration
  • Minister for public finance
  • Minister for foreign affairs
  • Minister for higher education
  • Head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister
  • Head of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland
  • Head of the Civil Service
  • President of the Su­preme Audit Office
  • President the Supreme Administrative Court
  • outstanding academics, practitioners and opinion-formers appointed by the Prime Minister.