Graduate's careers in administration

Zdjęcie grupowe słuchaczy KSAP w bibliotece

By undergoing the process of training at KSAP graduates are prepared comprehensively for their future work in public administration.


The awarded diplomas authorize the graduates to become Civil Servants, the skills gained offering solid ground for the further development of professional careers.

Graduates of KSAP are obliged to take up employment in offices of the public administration offices, for a period of at least 5 years, in positions made available to them by the Prime Minister.

The majority of the more than 1100 KSAP graduates are employed at all levels of public administration in Poland and abroad. They work for organs of central and local administration, in the diplomatic posts of the Republic of Poland and for international organizations.

The Association of Graduates

The graduates of KSAP maintain permanent relations with the School, promoting its tradition and contemporary achievements. They return to KSAP as practitioners, offering their knowledge as mentors, conducting classes and workshops for younger students.

The Association of KSAP Graduates, in operation since 1993, works to promote the idea of a professional and friendly Civil Service which is dedicated to good performance.